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Giving back to the next generation

Scolarships and Grants

CIFST Quebec offers grants to students studying in food industry-related subjects at various universities and colleges across Quebec. We are dedicated to investing in the next generation of employees by providing financial support to those pursuing studies in fields such as nutrition and food science.


Laval University

Interest in the food processing industry 2'000$

Admission 2'000$

Involvement or perseverance 2'000$

Product development courses 1'000$

Events (SAAC, symposium, others) 3'000$


McGill University

Excellence 3 x 2'000$

Product development courses 1'000$

Events 3'000$

Other institutions

Collège Maisonneuve Graduation 1,000$

CÉGÈP de Joliette Graduation 1,000$

ITA St-Hya Graduation 1,000$

ITA LaPoc Graduation 1,000$

BÉNÉFIQ Présentation scientifique 1,000$

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